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A traditional course in oil painting (EN/DE)

Our oil painting course occurs four times a year and comprises of four classes plus an curated exhibition of your art work at a gallery space.

The course offers an active and energising introduction to oil painting. The course will breakdown many of the myths surrounding oil painting and enable students to become familiar with oil paint and painting techniques. The course will provide you with an introduction paint handling, under painting, composition, mediums, colour theory, glazing and mark making. Working alongside a practicing artist with one on one tutorials and demos with a maximum of three other students you will develop and hone your artistic skills.

The class is led by an artist with over 15 years of experience in oil painting. You will be learning traditional techniques alongside contemporary ideas around painting.

By the end of this course you will: understand how to use oil paints with there various mediums, be able to undertake a painting alone, have basic proficiency in colour mixing and have a good understanding of colour theory. 



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