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Pose-a-week is, well, a free weekly 180 degrees pose with some drawing tips from our tutors.

This practice makes part of the Beginner Life Drawing Course, if you find it inspiring you may like to check what else you may learn with us!


Cellini's Perseus

This pose was inspired by a famous bronze by Benvenuto Cellini. As we were unable to get to Florence currently to shoot the original we had to improvise. Luckily Gabriel was so kind as to pose on the roof of our studio!

To start drawing:

  • Read the tips below

  • Stop the video when Gabs creates a pose that interests you.

  • Pour yourself some Chianti (it's a Tuscan work of art after all)

  • Schedule a mentoring session with us

  • Ready? Let's draw some awesome pics!


How to measure?

(And keep your elbow straight)

Cellini's Perseus

Benvenuto caught his Perseus triumphantly showing Medusa's head to the crowds. As you can see Gabriel tries to match the somber expression of the Greek hero.


What makes Cellini's sculpture so captivating is his mastery of proportions. 

We will try to match him with our drawing.

To start measuring simply place your pencil or pen in your hand and then holding it at arms length between your eye and the object that you plan to draw.

Head count

Remember to close one eye and keep your elbow straight every time. 

Now, count the heads. Yes. You heard well. Head is one of the best units of measure while looking for proportions. U can easily get the proportions of your subject by asking how many of its heads would fit in the height and the width. 

Main axis

This is your Project description. Whether your work is based on text, images, videos or a different medium, providing a brief summary will help visitors understand the context and background. Then use the media section to showcase your project!

Discovering your own marks

Now, when you have the kain axis in place start making marks. Concentrate on the model, 60/40, use pressure, let your hand follow the eye. You will see emerging your own way of making marks.

Finish with a flourish

Saturate darkness, highlight the blinks of light.

Put the date and sign your drawing. This is not affectation - it's a ritual to measure progress and to tell yourself you're done with this one. If all renaissance could take pride in non finito (unfinished look) so can you!

Don't forget to schedule a free mentoring with us. ;D


What's next?

Congratulations! Time to talk about your work

You finished a life drawing. Thank you for taking time and having some fun with us!

Now it's time for a mentoring session!

We will answer all your questions about challenging points in drawing this pose and share some tips on how can you improve your drawing skills. 

Just register for a video call!


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