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1- day Colour Pastel Class

In the studio (very limited capacity)

A vibrant one-day drawing class working with soft pastels on paper from a live model. Discover the classical renaissance techniques and lose yourself in a modernist colour explosion!


One day Colour Pastels Class

A vibrant one-day drawing class working with soft pastels on paper from a live model. You will start by exploring the classical renaissance techniques and then lose yourself in a modernist colour explosion.


This class will help you embrace your full potential in drawing with soft pastels. Our class will take you from traditional techniques to more challenging creative problems to discover your individual mode of expression. 

Trust us, by the end of the day, you will have a rich and broad portfolio of colour drawings on paper!

We stand by learning through experience, so all demonstrations are followed by guided life studies. The class includes a selection of unique exercises that have been developed by Louise Thomas using pastels on paper. 

We don't leave you behind after the class. We are there for you when you need us - in form of drawing assignments and scheduled mentoring one-on-one sessions after the class. 


Louise Thomas, Tadeusz Fopp, Gabriel Asturias


This class is suitable for beginners and those wanting to improve their drawing techniques. Some previous experience with drawing will work to your advantage though. If you are not sure please get in touch and we will be happy to advise.


You will work through various drawing exercises and in turn directly applying all theoretical knowledge you are given in practice. All demonstrations are followed by guided life studies.  The class includes unique exercises that have been developed by Louise Thomas with pastels on paper.


  • 6-hour interactive studio class (with an hour lunch break) via Zoom.us

  • individual 45 min evaluation and mentoring online following the class

  • unlimited access to course video recording for one month

  • access to additional resources and tutorials

What will you learn?

  • measuring and gestural drawing

  • a trois crayons (sanguine, sepia, chalk) 

  • basics of colour composition 

  • basics of colour mixing

  • colour schemes in practice

Materials list

  • Computer screen, tv screen, or larger laptop screen to participate and have a clear view

  • Table or board to attach your paper to and work 

  • sketchpad or sheets of paper

  • willow charcoal

  • chalks

  • soft pastels (set of 12)

  • Chinese ink and brush nr8

  • set of colour papers

  • brush

  • kneaded eraser

If any of these materials are not available to you we will be happy to discuss the next best alternative you may have at home.

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Class Timetable

Module 1

Introduction & Warmup

Introductions to each other. Just grab a coffee and feel welcome to the studio. 
Warmup exercises.

Module 2

Trois crayons

Your first life studies with sanguine, sepia, and chalk on orange paper life studies

Module 3

Colour schemes and mixing

Proper use of analogous and complementary schemes in life study

Module 4

Introduction to pastels

Instruction in pastels use and correction followed by life study exercises.

Module 5

2-tone drawings on colour paper

Life study guided exercises in balancing hue and volume.

Lunch break


Schedule Item Body

Module 6

Unified colour compositions

Set of creative exercises to get you experimenting with colour possibilities

Module 7

Louise Thomas

Guided creative exercises based on life model studies deepening your skill of color application.

Module 8

Guided portrait in colour

A challenging exercise based on Odilion Redon drawing style and brilliant use of soft pastels.

Module 9

Wrap up and integration exercises

A final batch of integrating exercises tailored to each student's individual needs and final evaluation.


A vibrant one-day drawing class working with soft pastels on paper from a live model. Discover the classical renaissance techniques and lose yourself in a modernist colour explosion!


We teach drawing

Damn well.

Individual approach

  • We keep our groups small ( 4-6 students ) to give as much one-on-one assistance as it’s needed for you to make real progress having heaps of fun on the way. 

  • Our methods work, we give you the confidence to use an array of techniques and support to develop your unique style of expression. 

  • All students get individual mentoring sessions as a part of the class.

Experienced tutors

  • Louise Thomas, a professional oil painter and has over 10 years of teaching experience. Working at the Newlyn School of Art since 2013.

  • Tadeus Fopp, an architect by formation, art gallery assistant by trade will teach you classic renaissance techniques and help you with that hard shortening trick. 

  • Gabriel Asturias, our model, has an easy smile for everyone, affable manner, and perfect vitruvian proportions; all of which make drawing him an easy, funny, and collaborative experience. 

Booking Policy

  • Once you have booked your place either by phone, email or through our website you will receive a confirmation followed by an email.

  • We will provide you with the materials list.

  • For our invoice, we will need an address and telephone number to reach you on. 


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